BCPS WebMail Login Instructions

Your BCPS WebMail username consists of your last name and the first letter of your first name followed by a number.  If you do not know what your network username is then you will need to submit a technology work order to Tech Support to request this information.  You will be sent back a letter via inter-department mail with your account information.  Please submit the request via the Tech Support online request for at http://www.brun.k12.va.us/TechSupport/request

For users that are not familiar with using the network username an example of one would be:

First Name: John
Last Name: Doe
Username: doej1
E-mail Address: john.doe@brun.k12.va.us

Most usernames have a 1 at the end; however, some users have a number other than 1 such as 2 or 3.

An Email account login page example:

After you enter your username and password click on the Log On button.

The system defaults to the Client type of Premium if you are using Internet Explorer (IE) 6 or later.  If you are using IE 5 or lower or a browser other then IE then the system will default to Basic and you will not have a choice.  However, if you are using IE 6 or later and would like to use the Basic client then you may choice so.

The system also defaults to Public or shared computer for the Security setting and is what should be used.  Only use Private computer if you are using your home computer to access your email.